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History of RabbitHoleBD: First OTT platform in Bangladesh

Starting in 2017, RabbitholeBD originally started with the idea of distributing premium content with an freemium model. The original goal was to generate enough loyal user by offering premium sports content exclusively available to Content Matters (owner of RabbitHoleBD platform), and offer more premium content to those users at a later time at premium price. BlessBit taken over the system and started a whole new experience on


RabbitHoleBD faced below challenges before they were introduced to BlessBit.

  • Serving Live content: system down just around starting time of any big event.
  • System was able to handle only fixed number of users, due to system not being scalable.
  • Manually change source, always require resources at both ends (client-solution provider).
  • Ad management not responsive enough, resulting awkward timing for ad delivery.
  • Always expensive infrastructure wise, because of fixed hardware/resource allocation.

Why RabbitholeBD Choose Blessbit

  • We served 414,644 concurrent users at peak during World Cup. System is highly scalable to the point where almost zero manual intervention is required.
  • We implemented a custom authentication system. A new way to secure content combining CloudFront with one-to-one request and response and almost no overhead.
  • Client can push ads at any time they want, in real time. For on-demand content, client can schedule ads and they will be pushed on that exact time.
  • We determine the most suitable ffmpeg profile. Clients enjoy not only an eye-pleasing viewing experience but also perfectly CPU/GPU optimized at the same time.
  • Using combination of own analytics (plus our in-house developed AI) and third party analytics tool, wide range of reporting is available at management panel.
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Following architecture is being used at and this is how we achieved such operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Outcome For RabbitHoleBD

Here the outcomes for RabbitHoleBD:

  • Using AWS CloudFront for live streaming was a huge money saver, realized by client.
  • Using strong security in combination with cloudfront, was realized positively by client in terms of security and cost cutting.
  • Using RDS and ElastiCache improved system efficiency and push the performance through the roof.
  • Snapshot & AMI as backup, auto destroy and deploy new web server as and when required is a major cost cutting point for This also ensures no resource was wasted.
  • S3 and Cloudfront based VOD content delivery ensures smooth experience for RabbitHoleBD


BlessBit has taken RabbitHoleBD a long way forward and provided a great boost in revenue growth, business expansion and a great customer satisfaction. With almost 0.9 million registered user, RabbitHoleBD are now confident again to offer premium content just like they originally intended/planned.

BlessBit allows RabbitHoleBD to deliver a top-quality service while minimizing expense and technical overhead. Combined with excellent customer support around software and website, this has helped RabbitHoleBD’s service to become a major success. We’re thrilled to be working with RabbitHoleBD and expect to continue this great journey together.