Product Overview

BlessBit, stands for Bufferless Bit Delivery, was born from years of experience of large-scale streaming for some immensely high value clients all over the world. BlessBit provides end-to-end media delivery solution including transcoding, ad pusher, media delivery, custom player and analytics for content owners, media house and serve as a complete OTT platform. BlessBit was recently awarded National ICT Award 2019 by BASIS and partnered with Amazon Partner Network (AWS) for better service and performance.

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BlessBit achieved first ever AWS ISV (Co-sell with AWS) in Bangladesh

Total Digital Media & OTT solution 'BlessBit' are highly awarded by our customers and industry analysts, AWS will promote 'BlessBit' to prospective clients all over the world.

BlessBit Technology

Streaming Engine

Java Based Custom Solution

Authentication (Content theft prevention)

Java Based Custom Solution


FFMPEG Custom Profile (Multiple Profile Enabled, CPU/GPU Optimized Encoding)

Ad Pusher (Multiple Ad Formate)



AWS RDS Aurora Serverless (MySQL)

Analysis/Reporting (Content theft prevention)

JAVA Based

Cloud Streaming Features for Live Video Delivery

Provide the live streaming services your customers want with the reliability and efficiency you need

Scale on the Fly

Optimize video delivery with multi-CDN capabilities and real-time scaling.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with a wide range of media applications using the VOS API

Unrivaled Quality

Reduce latency with exceptional encoding efficiency and AI techniques.

Cloud Neutrality

A cloud agnostic design enables a multi-cloud approach and geo-redundancy.

24/7/365 DEVOPS

Dedicated teams of experts provides the highest level of availability and maximum uptime.

Powerful Workflows

End-to-end capabilities simplify all stages of the media processing and delivery chain.

AWS Digital Media Partner Solution

As a proud APN (AWS Partner Network) member, BlessBit OTT Solution is hosted on AWS. BlessBit is utilizing AWS services and power of the AWS cloud to deliver a secured and cost-optimized solution for multiplatform distribution: broadcast, cable, VOD, IPTV, multiscreen OTT.


Best-in-class security protocols and the most sophisticated protection are among the biggest reasons why customers and partners choose to send their content using BlessBit.

  • End-to-end data encryption using industry-standard AES ciphers with up to 256-bit key
  • Session establishment is password-protected using a secure handshake
  • DTLS version 1.2 (RFC 6347) with certificate validation and strong ciphers

Features & Strengths

Live Video Transcoding

  • Cloud transcoding
  • All device compatibility
  • Both H264 & H265 transcoding
  • Multi bitrate, prepared for any network (Upto 4K)
  • Transcode for Low Latency streaming
  • Custom tweaking of transcoder according to content type

Streaming Security

  • Geo-location wise user registration restriction
  • Geo-location wise content restriction
  • Count the number of active screens at this moment for any use
  • Stamp to catch re-distributor from screen capture
  • Active Streaming Protection
  • Broadcast-to-IP migration

Video Streaming Solutions

  • White-Label Capabilities
  • HTML5 All-Device Video Player
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Monetization Tool
  • API Access
  • Analytics Dashboard

AI Powered Analytics

  • Total viewer/ content wise viewer/(custom metrics) wise viewer
  • (Custom metrics) wise watch time
  • Top performing content
  • (Custom metrics) wise impression and search count
  • Views from impression
  • Traffic from (custom metrics)

Content Distribution (CDN) Solution

BlessBit is built both for in-house created CDN, which BlessBit also offers itself. BlessBit setup can be done for delivery through public CDN like CloudFront, Alibaba cloud CDN, Google CDN etc. BlessBit also supports hybrid content delivery between self hosted and public cloud CDN.